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Professional Email Services

Bluetie Email LogoThe Benefits Are Significant

  • BlueTie saves you hours of time across your organization
  • No hardware, software, or setup fees
  • Free email and telephone support
  • Up and running today!

BA Web Services LLC is pleased to offer BlueTie is a Web-based email, calendaring, and file sharing for new and growing businesses. Each account supports unlimited users with email at addresses.  BlueTie offers a free fully-featured online email, calendaring and collaboration solution for business.  As a reflection of BlueTie’s commitment to providing a true business class service, users will never see banner, text or other advertisements within the application, and the use of partner services is entirely optional.  BlueTie provides administrative tools for managing users and accounts across an organization.

Bluetie overview Image

Email accounts can be personalized to reflect a company’s domain name for a more professional appearance – such as – and comes with 10GB of email storage and file sharing – the highest capacity of any online business application. With BlueTie, users can be up and running in minutes with a solution designed to meet their business needs.

Browser & OS Support
BlueTie is accessible via the world’s most popular Web browsers (including IE, Firefox, Netscape, and Mozilla), and operating systems including Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Macintosh OS X / Linux.

Bluetie email imageBlueTie:  Email

BlueTie provides business users with an incredibly robust email solution, featuring virus and spam protection, five gigabytes of shared email and file storage, support for custom domains ( and multiple email aliases, and anytime, anywhere access.

Performance & Accessibility - BlueTie's email boasts all the features you'd expect to find in a business class service, including powerful search capabilities, drag & drop file and folder management, message filters, spell check, Rich Text Formatting (RTF), attachments of up to 25MB, and much more.



Bluetie Safe List and Block List imageComprehensive Spam & Virus Protection
BlueTie uses industry-leading anti-spam and anti-phishing techniques to protect every account. On the server side, BlueTie uses a variety of spam filtering tools, including multiple Real-Time Blackhole List lookups, relay blocking, header inspection, and an advanced heuristics engine. At the individual account level you can maintain your own "safe" and "block" lists to further protect your inbox and to individually define senders as either "good" or "bad".

BlueTie performs server-side virus scanning to scan each message before it reaches your inbox. If a message contains a parasitic virus that can be removed, our system will attempt to clean it. Trojan horse viruses are stripped, and you receive a clean message. Our virus definitions are updated hourly to guard against new threats.

Bluetie SecureSend emails
Extra Protection for Critical or Confidential Material
BlueTie Pro users also enjoy the ability to send encrypted files. SecureSend™, BlueTie's encrypted file transfer feature, lets you send files with complete confidence, knowing that your confidential data will remain secure. SecureSend uses both asynchronous 128-bit triple-DES and synchronous AES encryption to ensure safe delivery of critical data.




Bluetie contacts imageBlueTie:  Contacts

BlueTie's sophisticated contacts management application gives you a powerful and efficient way to store all of your business and personal contacts in one place.
Share Info, Share Yourself
Contacts lets you easily share groups or individual contacts with co-workers or other associates using the industry-standard vCard format. Share all or just selected portions of your own contact information via vCard. You can even distribute the URL for your Calendar free/busy data, so non-BlueTie users can see your availability as well. BlueTie's Contacts can even serve as your company's directory.


Bluetie import and export contacts imageUpload Photos, Create Custom Fields, and Record Notes
You can create robust contact profiles using BlueTie's Contacts application, including uploaded contact photographs, unlimited custom fields, and detailed notes. All contact notes are automatically date and time stamped, and can be classified as "phone call", "meeting", or "to-do". You can define and schedule follow-up tasks right then and there, making BlueTie's Contacts an excellent entry-level Contact Relationship Management (CRM) solution. 
Bluetie contacts search image

 Organize Contacts in a Way That Makes Most Sense to You
Contacts can be easily sorted into custom-named groups, and a powerful search utility makes finding the right contacts a snap when the use of groups alone isn't enough.

Easy Import, Easy Export
You can easily import up to 5,000 contacts at a time from ACT!, Outlook, Outlook Express, Goldmine, or any other source of text delimited (CSV) contact files. Your contacts can be exported easily as well, in either CSV or vCard format.

Bluetie calendar imageBlueTie:  Calendar

BlueTie's powerful calendaring system and integrated task management tool lets you easily schedule meetings with co-workers, view others' schedules, and collaborate on projects.
Easily Manage Appointments

With BlueTie's Calendar, scheduling appointments is simple. Just highlight a block of time and type a description. Or use QuickAdd - BlueTie's natural language tool for scheduling appointments. Need to change an event's duration? Just resize it. Need to change the date or time? Just drag & drop. Or use the convenient right-click menus.



Bluetie calendar schedule imageCoordinate Schedules with the Click of a Mouse
Schedule meetings in a matter of seconds, with no phone calls, voice mails, waiting for callbacks, or wasted time.

To schedule meetings or other events with friends and co-workers, you can choose to send electronic meeting invitations with a suggested date and time, or use the powerful "find first available" feature that quickly searches each invitee's calendar to identify periods of common availability.

To view your co-workers' schedules overlaid on your own, just check the box next to their name. BlueTie's Calendar even supports the industry-standard iCal format for scheduling appointments with non-BlueTie users.

Bluetie calendar remindersNever Be Late Again

Choose from a variety of reminder intervals and modes, eliminating forgotten commitments. BlueTie's calendar lets you choose the number of days, hours, or minutes prior to an event for your reminder to be delivered, and whether your reminder should be delivered via email or in a pop-up.

Bluetie calendar task manager imageTask Management Made Easy

With BlueTie's Tasks you can easily track and manage multiple projects and deadlines throughout the day. Define new tasks, set due dates, and establish priorities. Each task is visually identified as not-yet-due, past-due, or completed. Whether your schedule is tightly packed, or you just enjoy keeping your work as organized as possible, BlueTie's Tasks will help you effectively organize your business and personal life.

Bluetie integrated task imageAn Integrated Dashboard for Your Life

BlueTie's Calendar and Task applications are fully integrated with a "My Day" dashboard that provides an at-a-glance overview of your appointments for the day, tasks currently due or past-due, and any new inbox items or other notifications.


Bluetie files imageBlueTie:  Files

BlueTie Files gives you online file storage and file sharing capabilities, all without the need to purchase a file server, and without the need to implement an expensive and cumbersome VPN for remote access.




Bluetie file sharing image

Access Documents Anywhere
BlueTie's Files application lets you store important documents such as spreadsheets, product specifications and brochures, presentations, contract templates and more in your online file cabinet. Now anyone to whom you've assigned sharing privileges can have access to the latest document versions. Files can be organized in folders and sub-folders for easy retrieval.
Easy Access, But Strong Security
BlueTie's Files application combines strong security with simple access, making working from anywhere efficient as possible. All users are authenticated via SSL (HTTPS) using their unique BlueTie username and password.


Share files with anyone imageShare Files With Anyone
You can share folders with other BlueTie users, and can assign either "Read Only" or "Full Access" sharing privileges at the individual folder level.

BlueTie Pro users can choose to share folders with other BlueTie users, or even non-BlueTie users. Non-BlueTie users are sent an email containing a link they can use to access the folders that have been shared with them.

Foster Productivity With a Collaborative Environment

Business associates working on documents in a collaborative environment will enjoy Files' check-out/check-in functionality for improved document version control. Updated documents can be shared with just a couple of clicks, ensuring that everyone is using the most up-to-date information.


BlueTie:  Instant Messenger

Bluetie Instant Messenger imageBlueTie Pro's Instant Messaging (IM) provides a fast and efficient communication platform that lets you instantly communicate with your co-workers over the Internet. With IM, your business saves time and money spent on long distance phone calls between co-workers working from remote locations.
Manage Multiple IM Sessions in Just One Window
BlueTie Pro's IM lets you manage multiple conversations at one time and can be used while in any other BlueTie application, helping to increase your productivity and improve your ability to multi-task.



View Currently online imageIntegrated Presence Management
The presence management or "Currently Online" window in BlueTie Pro lets you see which of your contacts are available online - allowing you to choose the most efficient communication medium available, whether that's IM, email or phone.



Online Statue imageHide Your Presence, and Block Chats
BlueTie Pro's IM allows users to hide their presence from other users with whom they choose not to chat, allowing them to control their time and better manage their work.


Enterprise Manager

BlueTie uses the term 'enterprise' to describe a collection of end user accounts - or mailboxes - belonging to a common entity (usually a small to mid-sized business) and sharing a common domain name. The BlueTie Enterprise Manager application provides account administrators with a centralized, Web-based interface for managing their enterprise account. Enterprise Manager combines features including mailbox creation, deletion and locking, assignment of default settings, and a division-based hierarchal control system.

Mobile Client

The free BlueTie Mobile application enables users with cell phones, PDAs, Smart Phones and other mobile devices to access their real-time BlueTie data, such as email, contacts, calendar, and task lists without being tied down to a wired Internet connection.
With the new WAP 2.0 technology using XHTML, this interface also allows a user to experience colorful and graphic-rich content, as well as to send information back over the Web.

Click on the contact us above or call us at (919) 846-0199 to discuss getting started with a professional, reliable and secure email solution for your business today.

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